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Singing the Blues….with Chippy and Bite Adventures

Bite Adventures with Chippy operate out of Penzance and run specialist shark trips during the summer months.

Simon Putnam travels down with three friends every year and have had some great catches

Simon picks up the story….”we have been really lucky with the weather and the fishin. Last year we managed to get out on all the 5 days we booked, we had an incredible week with 59 blues being landed and released, the biggest last year was 107lb, which I was lucky enough to be on the end of.

This year we had booked six days staring on Sunday 13th July. Again we were lucky with the weather, we got out every day 3 shark days and 3 species days, again matching our own set boat record of 21 blues caught and released in a day.

The biggest blue was caught on one of your light 4 to 8 oz Abu Uptide rods, which made for a great fight. With a weight of 192lb you can understand why…..


Simon Putnam

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