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W.I.B.A.C September 2013
The annual five day WIBAC angling competition produced some superb fish with Richard Ferre landing the best ray in the competition. Richard is pictured with his 16Ib 8oz Undulate Ray. Many other fine specimens were caught and released on Flamer IV during the competition ie Kevin Lewis 14Ib 8oz Undulate Ray and 14Ib Bull Huss, Kevin Clark 14Ib Undulate Ray,Peter Bailey 5Ib Plaice to name just a few.

Phil Harvey from Southampton landed a Personal Best Plaice weighing 6Ib 6oz while drift fishing aboard Flamer IV.Phil was using a Shakespeare 8Ib class rod with a one hook trace with lots of coloured attractor beads on and a size 2/0 Sakuma hook. The successful bait was ragworm,prawn and a strip of Ammo squid.

Steve Bennett landed his Personal Best Plaice weighing 6Ib 8oz on his first trip aboard Flamer IV.The big Plaice won him top prize in the Flamer IV Big Plaice Competition which produced several Plaice of 6Ib and over.The successful bait for the Plaice were combinations of ragworm,prawn and strips of Ammo squid. Steve him self was using 8Ib class tackle with a one hook trace that had lots of coloured attractor beads on with a size 2/0 Sakuma hook.

Mark Butland with his Personal Best Plaice weighing 6Ib 4oz

Ian Napier and friends enjoyed a flatty trip the day after Ian's 49th Birthday.Ian himself got a flatty grand slam catching a Turbot,Brill and Plaice.Ian's biggest Plaice weighed 5Ib.








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