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Weymouth mixed species fishing……





























Kim Lum from Eastbourne on his first trip aboard Flamer IV for two years landed a superb 7Ib 6oz Plaice while drifting the Shambles Bank. Kim’s successful bait was a strip of Ammo mackerel presented on a flowing trace and 4/0 Sakuma hook.




























Tim Goble landed a Personal Best Undulate Ray weighing 15Ib 8oz while fishing at anchor on a reef to the east Portland. Tim was using 20Ib class tackle with a cocktail of Ammo squid and mackerel mounted on a pennel rig of Sakuma 6/0 and 4/0 hooks.Tim is pictured with his PB Ray which was released alive.




























Albert Borg from St Albans landed his first ever Turbot weighing 16Ib while on a two day Angling Break aboard Flamer IV with organiser Frank Sapsford and friends. Albert was using a 12/20Ib Penn Wave Blaster boat rod with a flowing trace and Sakuma 4/0 hook baited with a strip of Ammo mackerel. Albert followed up his Turbot with another pb….a 5Ib 2oz Plaice!



Ashley Storton landed a Plaice weighing 5Ib 14oz on Flamer. Ashley was using a wishbone rig and vibro spoon.

Don Wheeler Ringwood landed his Personal Best Brill weighing 8Ib which is a superb specimen for the area. Don was using a Shakespeare uptide rod with a flowing trace and a size 4/0 Sakuma hook baited with a strip of Ammo mackerel

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