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Mixed species fishing…….






Pictured is Flamer IV regular John Billett holding up a 4Ib 12oz Black Bream which he caught whileanchored on a mark to the east of Weymouth.The big Bream is a personal best for John. John was using a Shakespeare 8Ib class Salt rod with a two hook trace baited with and strips of Ammo squid.


Phil Harrison on a birthday trip aboard Flamer IV landed his personal best Cod weighing 20Ib. Phil was using 20Ib class tackle with a flying collar rig and a Red, Red Gill lure.

Josh Bates (14yrs) landed his Personal Best Plaice aboard Flamer IV. Josh was using 8Ib class tackle with a two hook flatty trace baited with ragworm, prawn and a strip of Ammo squid.

Kurt Lander and Skipper of charter boat Yellow Fin at Newhaven joined Flamer IV at Weymouth for busman’s holiday in search of a big Plaice and was not disappointed. Kurt landed his Personal Best Plaice weighing 4Ib 15oz.Kurt’s successful bait was ragworm, lugworm tipped with a strip of Ammo squid. Kurt was using 8Ib class tackle with a flatty trace that had lots of coloured attractor beads on.

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