Saltwater catches and tackle updates

April Update……

Peter Collings landed his Personal Best Spurdog weighing 17Ib while anchored up on a bank. Peter was using 20Ib class tackle with a cocktail of Ammo squid and mackerel mounted on a pennel rig.

Mike Setherton a member of the Cormorants SAC landed his Personal Best Thornback Ray weighing 16Ib 3oz whilst also fishing at anchor on a bank aboard Flamer IV. Mike was using an up-tide rod with a flowing trace. The successful bait was a cocktail of Ammo squid and Mackerel mounted on a pennel rig.


Richard Christian from Dorchester, Dorset landed a 13Ib Turbot on his 38th birthday. Richard was using a Shakespeare 20Ib class rod with a flowing trace and 4/0 hook.The successful bait was a strip of Ammo Mackerel.

All three fish were returned alive

Contact details for Flamer IV
Tel 01305 766961 mobile 07968972736

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