Saltwater catches and tackle updates

And the great fishing continues……..

Neil Tuckett aged 77 landed a 6Ib Plaice (pictured above) aboard Flamer IV while on an angling break with the Gypsy Mariners SAC. Neil was using 10Ib class tackle with a two hook flatty trace that had lots of coloured attractor beads on. The successful bait was ragfworm and a strip of Ammo squid. .

Wayne Miller (pictured above) from Herefordshire enjoyed his first flatty trip on Flamer IV landing two Personal Bests with a plaice of 4Ib 13oz and a brill of 6Ib 1oz Brill.Wayne was using 8Ib class tackle and the successful bait for the Plaice was king ragworm and squid strip and for the Brill the bait was fresh mackerel strip.

Mick Beech (pictured above) landed his personal best Plaice weighing 5Ib 6oz while drift fishing.

Mike Carson (pictured above) followed with another personal best Plaice weighing 5Ib

Jerry Knight (pictured above) got among the bigger ‘flatties’ landing a 23Ib Blonde. Jerry was using Shakespeare 30Ib class tackle and the successful bait was whole Ammo calamari squid and mackerel fillet. The ray was returned alive.

Denise Youngs (pictured above) from Loders, Dorset landed two 4Ib Plaice in as many drops whilst fishing on the drift. She landed a 4Ib 3oz Plaice and then a 4Ib 5oz Plaice. Denise was using 8Ib class tackle with a short flatty trace with lots of coloured attreactor beads on.The successful bait was ragworm and squid strip.

Ronnie Desouza (pictured above) travelled from Hounslow, London, on his first ever trip aboard Flamer and landed a superb Undulate Ray weighing 18Ib 8oz while fishing at anchor on a reef. Ronnie was using a Shakespeare 30Ib class rod with a pennel rig baited with whole Ammo calamari squid. The big ray was released alive.

Finally Graham Latimer (pictured above) caught 7 blonde rays aboard Flamer IV with the biggest weighing 19Ib (pictured).Graham was using 30Ib class Shakespeare tackle and a pennel rig baited with Ammo calamai squid and mackerel fillet. All the rays were returned alive.

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