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Flamer Latest – Weymouth hot’s up…..

Tony Mills landed a 17Ib Undulate Ray and set a new record for ‘The Royal Hotel Tottington SAC’. Tony undulate while fishing at anchor over a reef mark.Tony was using 15Ib class tackle and the successful bait was Ammo mackerel and squid cocktail. The ray was released alive.

Allen Bradshaw (below) of the same club also caught a personal best Spurdog weighing 17Ib 8oz. Allen was using a Shakespeare 15Ib class Ugly Stick rod with a flowing trace. The Successful bait was Ammo squid and mackerel cocktail.The big spur was also released alive.

Finally trip organiser Geoff Mather  landed a spurdog weighing 18Ib which was not only a personal best for Geoff but also set a new club record. Geoff was using 20Ib class tackle with a flowing trace baited with Ammo squid and mackerel. As with the other two specimens this fish was released alive.

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