Saltwater catches and tackle updates

Chris Povey from Pure Fishing recently got chance to spen a day on the water with the chaps from Veal Fishing Tackle Store. Here is his brief summing up of the day…..

Hi Grant,
The Veals fishing trip was very successful last Sunday. The bites were coming so fast that we had to wind in to have a sandwich, which is something I’ve never had to do on a boat before!

The skipper of the boat, Dave Roberts’ who is regarded by most as the best in the U.K was a perfect host. We sponsor his huge boat (the catamaran, Alleycat) so he really looked after me well.

As the Cod were hard to come by on the day, it needed an extra special angler to tempt one on to the boat so I’ve attached a picture of the Cod and some bloke who caught it!

Chris and said cod.......

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