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Shakespeare Ugly Stick Helps Land a Big Skate!

Ross with his fish before a safe release…..

We received a picture of this superb 177lb common skate caught by Ross Bond. Ross and his fishing companions normally target the skate on stand-up rods with harness. However, this one was caught by accident in shallow water (25m) whilst tope fishing. Ross was using an Ugly Stik Solo Excel 20lb Class rod and just 30lb braid.

In his words "A testament to the quality of the rod….". The fight time was estimated at around 25minutes (a minute for each metre of water). Ross said it was a good job that it was hooked at slack water. I think it was a good job it was not hooked in 50m of water!

It also shows that with quality equipment a little patience and a lot of skill you can can very large fish on light tackle. I would also add that the use of braid also helps make these captures possible. With little or no stretch you can still work the fish when the rod blank reaches the point where it locks up. You therefore have a chance to lift the fish as opposed to just stretching the line……

Our congratulations to Ross on both the safe capture and release of this fish along with a thank you for choosing Shakespeare tackle….


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