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Latest Catches aboard Flamer IV

Ian Young (avove) from Loders in Dorset landed a 4Ib 8oz plaice while drift fishing. Ian was using 10Ib class tackle with a two hook flatty trace with lots of attractor beads on. The successful bait was ragworm,lugworm and squid strip

Steve Wells from Sussex with a 6Ib Bass. The successful bait was launce fillet. The Bass was the 28th different species to be landed on Flamer IV in 2011.

Steve Fowler from East Sussex pictured with a Turbot weighing 13Ib 8oz. The successful bait was mackerel strip.


This fish was followed by Mark Tricker from Rye in East Sussex landing a personal best Turbot weighing 13Ib whilst also fishing on the drift. Mark was using a 6 to 12Ib class rod with a flowing trace with a 5/0 hook baited with an Ammo mackerel strip.

Finally, Andy Wheal landed another personal best Turbot weighing 17Ib 4oz. Andy was using 20Ib class tackle with a flowing trace and a 4/0 hook baited with a strip of Ammo mackerel. Andy also landed another Turbot weighing 9Ib again the successful bait was a strip of Ammo mackerel.

For those wishing to try some of the exciting fishing available they should contact Colin on:

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