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The next few weeks are the ideal time to catch predators close to the surface. With the fish being very active they will often be willing to hit lures fished right on the surface, especially at dawn and dusk when they will be accustomed to finding everything from frogs and mice to large invertebrates at the water surface.

Nothing beats the thrill of watching a bow-waving pike or chub charging towards a surface lure as it snakes across the surface. Takes are absolutely ferocious with the fish often launching themselves skywards as they engulf the lure!


If you have a normal middle-weight lure outfit then you are already set to enjoy some surface action. I use an ABU Veritas Medium Heavy rod matched with a Revo S low-profile baitcaster loaded with 30lb test Berkley Whiplash. With this outfit I can use lures ranging from the pure surface Rocket Popper, to the sub-surface Svatzonker McHybrid lures, bucktails, spinner baits and mega-sized spinners.


Link to Rocket Popper lure action video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTh9ROs_2bA

Don’t be afraid to work those lures hard and fast – the fish are going to be well psyched up to chase down their prey and will not be put off by a fast retrieve. Keep those lures really churning for best results.

When fishing in the top foot of the water column you can cast lures where others will fear to tread. Look especially for thick beds of streamer weed, lily pads and eel grass – this is the ideal cover from which a predator can launch an attack and after a bright day the fish will seek shelter deep within the shade. A lure fished shallow will fish cleanly right over the cover without snagging, but send out enough attraction for the fish to know it is there.

Don’t be put off by the long bright days of summer. The predators are going to be feeding hard early and late in the day so why not nip out after dinner and enjoy some brilliant surface action?


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