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Weymouth is producing some varied and big fish….

20lb Ling

Colin Leadbeater from Bristol landed a 20Ib Ling aboard Flamer IV while drifting a wreck. Colin was using a 20Ib class Shakespeare Ugly Stick rod with a flying collar rig and a silver lure.

pb pollack...

Russell Salmon landed his personal best Pollack weighing 14Ib while drifting wreck aboard Flamer IV. Russell was using a 15Ib class Shakespeare Ugly Stick rod with a Portland Rig and Pink red gill lure.

another ling for Flamer IV

Phil Harrison landed an 11Ib 2oz Ling while drifting a wreck aboard Flamer IV.

Now this is a cod.....26lb...

“SODS LAW” Graham Gardner from Colchester had not long recovered from a hernia operation and was on his first fishing trip since his operation. Colin Penny owner of Flamer IV said to Graham “Sods Law says you will get the biggest fish” Sure enough that is was happened. First Graham caught a 40Lb Conger eel and then followed that with a superb 26Lb Cod. Graham was using 20Ib class tackle with a pennel rig baited with Ammo squid and mackerel. Of course Colin kept asking Graham if he was ok while he was trying to land the two big fish. Graham is pictured with his 26Lb Cod

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