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The Berkley Team are proud to announce that they are celebrating their 75th birthday

The Berkley Team is proud to announce that we are celebrating our 75th birthday as a brand this year. It all started in 1937 when Berkley Bedell, a teenager attending high school, started hand tying flies at home and selling them to anglers. From those meager beginnings, Bedell built his company. Now 75 years later, Berkley, a part of the Pure Fishing family, is one of the leading fishing tackle manufacturers in the world.

The brand will be engaging consumers through both online and offline activation to celebrate the 75th Anniversary. In Spirit Lake, on June 15th we will be opening the facility to the general public, media and retirees for guided tours to hear from Berkley’s experts as they lead discussions on how a fish thinks, the “Creation of PowerBait®” and the “Wonderful World of Fishing Line.”

Our online support will start with the new 75th Anniversary video that is being shared on our Berkley youtube channel, Berkley facebook and Berkley Twitter. The second piece will be a two month long facebook sweepstakes, “Berkley Historically Huge Giveaway” that allows anglers a chance to win products they can’t buy anywhere else.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JT081sxxX0g&list=UUTVVgVKrCmytiln5DMNfCiA&index=2&feature=plcp

Facebook: www.facebook.com/berkleyfishing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BerkleyFishing

As a brand team we are excited to carry the torch that Berkley Bedell lit 75 years ago. We would like to thank all co-workers for their dedication and passion enabling the continued growth and innovation for Berkley.


The Berkley Team

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