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Weymouth charter boat Flamer IV certainly knows how to get among the big plaice

John Patten and his friend Tim Neal from Devon joined Flamer IV earlier this year for some Flatty fishing and on their first trip they both caught Personal Best Plaice weighing 4Ib 10oz and 5Ib 10oz which were duly returned alive. On further trips they continued this practice. But on their recent trip aboard Flamer IV they took the practice of releasing big Plaice to a new level. First Tim Neal caught and released a 5 pounder. Then John caught and released 4Ib 8oz and 5Ib Plaice, But John had not peaked yet, he caught a 6Ib 8oz Plaice and new Personal Best which was duly released. He then said if he caught a 7 pounder he would release that to, sure enough on the next drift he landed a Whopping Plaice weighing 7Ib 8oz another new Personal Best. The big Plaice was weighed, photographed and returned alive. John was using an 8lb class Shakespeare rod with two hook flatty trace with lots of coloured attractor beads with size 2/0 hooks.

Below are two very successful Plaice traces.

John used several combination baits which included ragworm, Ammo black lugworm, squid and razorfish.

On the same trip Ian Slater, Tracy Robertson and David Robertson all caught Personal Best Plaice and got in the act of returning big Plaice. They released 5Ib 8oz, 5Ib 4oz and 5Ib 14oz Plaice.

They were all using 10Ib class tackle with single hook traces baited with ragworm and strips of Ammo squid.
“I think this practise of putting back big Plaice is Brilliant and can only help conserve stocks”.

Pictures of John and his 6Ib 8oz and 7Ib 8oz Plaice are below.

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