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Hemingways et al

Hemingways et al…..Pure Fishing Sales Director Stewart Downing is currently on a fishing holiday in Kenya…over the next couple of weeks I will be posting Stewart’s blogs on both the fishing and his tourist travels…..

After a great reception from the Turtle Bay Beach Club staff we caught a well earned shower and headed up to the Top Bar at the hotel to meet up with our skipper Steve George and his lovely wife Jeanette for the low down on the fishing off Watamu over a drink or two and a pizza. 

In short, the fishing is very patchy with only the odd Striped or Black Marlin coming out as yet. It is still early season for billfish and next week it should start to pick up. Even the GTs and AJs are hard to find right now for some reason, though everyone is confident that a big wind will really help – and everyone is praying for that to happen sooner rather than later now! 

We spent most of the day with Steve and Jeanette getting Tega prepped for a day’s trolling tomorrow as Steve was keen for Jeanette to catch another big marlin, having caught a fish of 650lbs in April this year! Alas, we have just heard that Steve is under the weather unfortunately now, with either man flu or a touch of malaria! Let’s hope its not the latter So tomorrow is off, and we will see how he is in the morning,

We popped along the beach to Hemingways for lunch, and this place can only be described as a big game fishing Nirvana with big fish replicas plastered all over the walls and that famous weigh gantry where the likes of Ernest Hemingway used to hang their trophies at the end of a successful day’s billfishing. Everything is tagged and released now thankfully in order to help preserve stocks of these magnificent creatures. 

I guess we will just have to make do with chilling around the pool and sipping cool drinks all day now. Never mind, I think we will cope !

Fingers crossed for Weds though!

Will keep you posted

Be lucky!

Stew and Heather

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