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Penn Custom Reels…….Would I like some?

Let’s face it most of us are ‘tackle tarts’ at heart. Some of us collect lures perhaps not for their fish catching properties but because we like the colour, some of us collect floats, some of us hoard more flies than we will ever be able to cast at a rising fish…..some of us do all of the above and more….but probably the ultimate statement are personalised reels. Penn have just launched their new custom option programme for the International range. Customisation is already really popular in the world of sportfishing……

Here you will find some very nice examples of what some have already had done to theirs…I hope that you enjoy – these were completed by http://www.reelcolors.com/

Pink highlights, custom handle………Penn International 50

Matched set of purple Internationals

Production line….love the blue and gold Interntionals

International 50VSX with matching butts……now we are talking…..real tackle tarts!

Wow…..I think this is one colour too far

Nicely engraved though…..

More toys for the boys…….Wonder if my wife will notice the overdraft on our bank balance?

Check out the Penn options listed by Mike Thrussel in one of his blogs. http://www.eu.purefishing.com/blog/blog-mikethrussell/index.php?entry=3240

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