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Penn Fishing Stories…….Monster Marlin hooked on Spinning Tackle….



I regularly follow the Penn War Fishing Stories page on Facebook and below is one that caught my imagination as a big game angler. What is amazing is the size of fish and the tackle used to hook and play the fish…….


These pictures are of a marlin that I was dumb enough to cast at. Myself and 2 clients from a group of 8 from Jigstar Africa were on the smaller boat fishing around a floating piece of bamboo when a huge marlin smashed a fish not 10 meters from the boat. It was lit-up and I shouted Marlin!. I cast a 7-8 Gt Monster rigged with a PENN Torque 7 spinning reel loaded with about 300 meters of 130 lb ‘Jerry Brown’ and a Barbie Pink Starwalker Stickbait with Shogun in-line hooks.

Big mistake! It was on it like a flash making for the most spectacular surface strike ever. It cleared the water 3 times with the last jump about 7 meters from the boat coming towards us. I cannot write here what I thought to myself. The head was enormous with Albarn, the skipper shouting it was a minimum of 400kg (about 800lbs). We saw it short-strike with the lure in it’s body and the line bill-wrapped.

We chased the fish immediately and it jumped twice more for the camera.

I held on for 40 minutes at max drag when all 3 of us climbed on the rod. I have never experienced pain like that. After 3.5 hours and about 15km from land the 200lb leader parted. We had Dave Martin, a 6 time Springbok sailfish angler in our group and he said that he would conservatively put that fish at no less than 700lb. Later that afternoon another monster marlin jumped in front of the boat and I recall shouting "No casting!!" immediately.

The Torque really performed with the drag set at well over the stated maximum drag of 40 pounds, we came out of the fight with no structural or mechanical damage.

All the best


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