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Flamer IV Latest Catch report – Weymouth

Specimens abound!

Trevor Lockyer landed his personal best Turbot weighing 24Ib 8oz.Trevor was using 15Ib class tackle and had his work cut out to get the big Turbot up from the bottom. Trevor’s successful bait was a fillet of launce (which he had caught earlier) on a 4/0 hook and flowing trace.

Not to be outdone Denise Young  landed a personal best plaice weighing 5Ib 12oz Denise was using 8lb class tackle on the drift, a flowing trace with lots of attractor beads on baited with ragworm and Ammo black lug and squid strip.

Finally Russell Salmon landed another big Turbot weighing 23Ib whilst also on the drift. Russell was using a 20lb Penn Evo Stick matched to a Penn LD330. The successful bait was a fillet of Ammo mackerel presented on a flowing trace and 4/0 hook. This is the second time in a month that Russell has beaten his personal best as earlier in the month he caught an 18lb fish aboard Flamer.



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