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Specimen Turbot on Flamer IV

Flamer IV found the turbot once again over the past week.

The biggest was caught by Eric Cookney and weighed an impressive 16Ib. Ric caught the fish using a 20lb class rod and presented mackerel strip on a flowing trace on the drift.The turbot made several dives for freedom before being brought to the landing net. Eric also added another smaller turbot and a plaice on the same day.

Mark Butland followed this fine fish by landing two turbot on consecutive drifts aboard. First Mark landed his personal best turbot weighing 14Ib 4oz and followed that with a 7Ib turbot. Mark was using 15Ib class tackle with a flowing trace and a 4/0 hook baited with mackerel fillet. Mark is pictured with his 14Ib 4oz turbot.




I also managed to get out this weekend and could not help but notice the number of mackerel already around. For those anglers fishing bait it was a simple task to fill a full string with fresh bait. Hopefully this is a sign of a great season to come.


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