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Flamer IV Latest Catch Report

 There’s Some Flatties Around Here

If you like catching ‘flatties’ then Flamer IV has certainly been finding them. Turbot, Brill, and Plaice of specimen size.

The Famous Shambles Bank is renowned for it’s Turbot and Brill Fishing, like the Turbot weighing 28Ib caught by Kim Mace or the 26Ib 4oz fish caught by Steve Wells. Brill have also been featuring with the bigest so far caught by Andy Smith and weighing an impressive 10Ib 2oz . On the Plaice front Mike Sheridan caught a fish of 7lb 2oz followed by Dave Metcalf with a fish of exactly 7lb.

Good size Plaice will feature in catches from the Spring through to the Autumn, with plenty of fish over 4Ib being caught. If you do everything right and are lucky then one of the 6lb or 7lb plus fish could be yours.

Paul the Power Milkins from Sutton in Surrey was on a mission to catch a plaice of 4Ib or over, well he certainly did that when he reeled in a plaice weighing 6Ib 2oz.The plaice was of course a personal best for Paul who was using 10Ib class tackle and a trace with green and black beads on. The successful bait was Ammo black lug and squid strip. Paul is pictured below with his fish.

Tackle required – Rods of 12Ib to 30 Ib class are needed as several types of tactics and methods are used, some drifting and some at anchor. Line 15lb to 30Ib breaking strain. Hooks 2/0 to 4/0. There are several types of traces that can be used for Plaice (when booking ask Colin to send you a picutre of the one he would recommend). For Turbot and Brill use a trace, 5 to 6 foot long of 30 to 40Ib B/S with hooks of 4/0 to 6/0

Weymouth offers a superb variety of species and the FLAMER IV species count for 2011 is currently 23 including: 

Whiting, Dogfish, Pouting, Poor Cod, Mackerel, Pollack, Conger, Bull huss, Starry Smooth hound, Cod, Ling,Thornback ray, Plaice, Spurdog, Common Smooth hound, Greater Sandeel,Turbot, Ballan Wrasse, Tub Gurnard, Brill, Lesser Sandeel, Herring, Cuckoo Wrasse.

For boat availability you should contact boat owner and skipper Colin on:

Mobile/Boat:  +44 (0) 7968 972736

Landline:       +44 (0) 1305 766961

Email:            flamer@deepsea.co.uk

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