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Testing Times!

The thought of venturing onto the water to test a new product is always very appealing! The reality is that there are usually other jobs that need to be completed first. This is where our network of professional fishermen comes in very handy! Their testing and feedback ensures that when we put Penn on the finished product we can be sure that it will perform as you want it to!

Andre Henn (Advanced Sportfishing Network) is just one of those professionals who works very closely with our South African distributors. With access to outstanding tropical fishing he is very often in a position to put a healthy bend in a new rod blank or make the drag on a reel spin! Here are just a few of the fish Andre has caught during ‘Testing Times’!

GT! This is definitely one of my favourite fish to catch. This one was on the outer rim of Farquar, hanging around a wreck. The Sebile red head popper did it. I was using the New Penn Torque 5 Spinning reel and a Berkley Venom Popping rod with 80lb Berkley Whiplash. Want more…!!!

A nice GT caught Vertical Jigging in 60m of water off Farquar. I was using a 200gr Kingfisher Jig on a Penn Torque Jigging rod coupled with a Penn Battle 8000 and loaded with 100lb Berkley Whiplash. This one gave the drag a good test for sure!

My first Dogtooth – they were wild on this particular morning, but mainly ‘smaller’ one’s!! I was using a 200gr Kingfisher Jig on a Penn Torque Jigging rod and a Penn Battle 8000 with 100lb Berkley Whiplash. Dogtooth tuna are one of the hardest fighters that I can think of!

A fair size GT caught fishing Dropshot technique. I was using a Berkley Gulp Sardine Jerkshad on Berkley Air 10ft and the Penn Battle 5000 with 50lb Berkley Whiplash.

A double hook-up on two small Dogtooth myself & Keith got. We were both using Penn Battle 8000 reels loaded with a 100lb Berkley Whiplash and the Penn Torque Jigging Rods.

What an worthy opponent on a Berkley Air 10ft, Penn Battle 5000, 50lb whiplash and Halco Popper at Mafia – UNBELIEVABLE!!

Finally (below) a 109kg Brozie caught from the shore at Macassar, CT – Dec2010 – Testing the new Penn Fathom! 

Best part is Andre calls it WORK!

The Penn Fathom – Tested to the Limit!


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