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Now for a Giant Yellowfin Tuna!

Potential world-record yellowfin tuna landed in

San Diego

Following closely behind my blog on Giant Bluefin Tuna comes this story of a monster Yellowfin Tuna caught of the coast of San Diego! The common link between both blogs you will see is the equipment used.

The fish was caught on the long-range charter Vagabond

Dec 6, 2010

Angler Mike Livingston brought a 405.2-pound yellowfin tuna to the dock Monday in

San Diego
that could qualify as a new world record. The existing record-holder is a 388-pounder caught in

in 1977. The fish was caught west of

aboard the long-range charter Vagabond on November 30 and cheers went up as it was weighed on Point Loma Sportfishing’s certified scales almost a week later.
Livingston was fishing with Capt. Mike Lackey.

Mike Livingston 405.2-pound Yellowfin Tuna

"I got him on a sardine," Livinsgtson told Bill Roecker of Fishingvideos.com, "and a 9/0 Owner Super Mutu hook. I used 100-pound Soft Steel Ultra line and 100-pound Power Pro Spectra on my Penn 30 reel, which was a gift from a buddy and was blueprinted by Cal Sheets. I custom-wrapped the rod myself, It’s a five and a half-footer, a no-name. After all those years, since 1974, I’ve been out fishing on many boats, and I get this one on a no-name rod! My best one before was about a 100-pounder."

 And here is the reel a Penn International 30

Mike Livingston 405.2-pound yellowfin from paul@fishingvideos.com on Vimeo.

Below are two of the NEW Penn International 2-Speed reels – Super smooth dependable drags matched with a push buttom gear change for when a big fish goes deep!


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