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World Record Catches on Penn Reels – The Choice of Champions!

 World Record Catches!

With the arctic conditions that we are currently ‘enjoying’ here in the

I have been spending my spare time sorting out my tackle room, photos albums and fishing library. Whilst undertaking this ‘mammoth’ task I have not only found some interesting items of tackle and lures that I thought were long lost but I have also uncovered some interesting pictures and articles of IGFA World Record fish.

There are some fantastic stories behind the catches of these amazing fish. Anglers that have spent thousands of hours in pursuit of record fish, traveling in some cases around the world to find that elusive record breaker. What I also noticed whilst sifting through some the pictures of these fish is that although caught in different corners of the world’s oceans they all have one thing in common.

Penn International reels were chosen by these anglers to help them land their catch. Although most of us pursue much smaller specimens I think that it is good to know that Penn use the technology that they developed in the gears and drag mechanisms of these reels in the range of reels that they now offer to cover the entire spectrum of sea fishing.

As the largest fish in my collection we will start with the blue marlin below.

ATLANTIC BLUE MARLIN – Weight:  1402 pounds, 2 ounces

Angler:  Paulo Amorim



Date:  February 29, 1992

Notes:  Amorim’s 162-inch fish took a pink-and-white Mold Craft Super Chugger and is the most recent record-breaker in my collection (Big photo is a replica mount)

We will then travel around the world to New Zealand to find the World Record Striped marlin

STRIPED MARLIN – Weight:  494 pounds

Angler:  Bill Boniface


New Zealand

Date:  January 16, 1986

Notes:  Boniface, a

New Zealand
native, fed this once-in-a-lifetime fish a kahawi livebait on 50lb breaking strain line. So apart from being the All Tackle Record this fish also holds the 50lb line class record. New Zealand is still regarded as the destination to pursue the biggest striped marlin. Whether anyone will ever get close to this record remains to be seen.

Finally back to Brazil and the World Record White marlin. Although the smallest of the marlin it is regarded as one of the hardest to catch.

WHITE MARLIN – Weight:  181 pounds, 14 ounces

Angler:  Evandro Coser



Date:  December 8, 1979

Notes:  Coser trolled a dead bait to land this 107.5-inch fish.

Now it is back to reality as I look out of my tackle room window at a very frozen canal!



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