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Now this is what you call 'Extreme Fishing' Mr R Green!

Sometimes it is not about the fish that you catch but more about the day itself!

I had one such day just last weekend!

What started off as a promising day fishing aboard Aristocat out of Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne turned into one that was perhaps memorable for everything other than the fishing! The following images will perhaps give you more of a ‘feel’ for the day?

Leaving port at around 07.00. We have just fuelled up (after de-icing the fuel caps!) and although the air temperature is around -5C everything else looks good.

Once out of the harbour we could see that the day ahead could be rather stormy. It looks black in front!

Come to think of it starboard side does not look too good either!

Port looks even worse! That is Beachy Head in the distance. You would not want to be walking the dogs up there this morning!

The storm gets closer to land!

Beach Head starts to disapear in the storm.

Now it has gone!

I look off the transom and this is what I see! What do you do when you are surrounded on all sides? Go Fishing! We anchored over an inshore rough ground mark and discussed what should be the next plan of attack.

Discussing! The first mark only gave us a few pouting, doggies and whiting. We then thought we would be really silly and go out to deeper water and see if we could find the cod or perhaps some of the bass that had been showing only a few days before.

We moved onto a deep water mark and started to fish again. To the right of the picture you can see just one of the many ‘twisters’ that sprung up around us.

We even got a visit from Her Majesty’s Custom and Excise. I think that they were only checking for our sanity and not for any contraband. Shows how unfreindly they are – not one person came on deck to wave back at us!

Captain Den hooks up to a specimen! By now it was an increasing NE wind against the tide and not very pleasant. I think we could safely say -15C with wind chill!

Kleis is enjoying himself! We knew he was Dutch because everything has some orange.

We did get manage to get some decent whiting for our troubles.

By 3.00pm we said ‘Beam us up Scotty’ or take us in! Den decided to take us in.

As we came back to harbour we could see for ourselves the snow that the storm had dropped over the coastline.

As I said at the start of this blog ‘sometimes it is more about the day than the fishing’.

Made it back without requiring the Lifeboat. Cold but we had some laughs!

Thanks to Matt for the stew! Steve for the coffee! Simon and Kleis (who came over from Holland for the day. Kleis owns a big game boat in Kenya so is more used to 40C!) for their banter and of course Captain Den for taking us out.

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