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Penn Challenge – Norway

I’ve just returned from the 2010 Penn cup held in


We boat fished for a week out of Havosund in Finmark, this amazing area is very near too the North Cape and therefore almost the most northerly point in
Europe! This puts it well north of the
Arctic Circle and I experienced 24 hour daylight for the first time!

The competition and fishing can best be described as frantic and intense. On some days we fished up to three, four hour competitions based on points related to the species and size of fish caught as we where keen to catch and release.

Individually I finished 6th overall which I was very pleased with as I am predominantly a freshwater angler! Over the week I caught Cod well over 20lb, Halibut to 18lb, Coalfish to 8lb, Wolffish, lumpfish and some big Haddock.

I will post more blogs about specific catches and the tactics over the next few weeks, I need more sleep now!  

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