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Shakespeare Agility Spinning Rod (product test)

What better way to product-test the Agility Spin than with a specimen Shad!

I recently had the opportunity to product test the Agility 9ft spinning rod from Shakespeare. This is just one of the comprehensive Agility range spanning coarse, sea and game. I chose the 9ft, 12-30 gm version to try out, knowing that an angling trip in search of Twaite Shad was looming fast on the horizon. The entire Agility Spin collections are four-piece, and when broken down, are extremely handy to carry in the rucksack or tackle bag.

extremely handy size when broken down!

The rod is light but packs plenty of back-bone, a worthy quality for a rod in this budget price range. The reel seat and cork handle are excellent and naturally comfortable to use. I teamed the rod with an old Mitchell 300X (that’s still going strong), for a perfectly balanced spinning combo.

soon into a hard-fighting Irish Shad, seen just below the surface

On arrival at the river bank, conditions were perfect. A few practice casts with the Agility had the “tazzie” lure clipping the far bank. The rod casts well, and my “mutated” pendulum cast compressed the blank, easily achieving maximum distance for the small lure.

the Agility Spin, christened with an Irish specimen Shad

A few casts later and the rod buckled to the “thump” of a fresh-run Shad. These species are incredible fighters on light, balanced tackle, and the Agility transmitted every surge and head-shake back to me. The soft tip-action of the top section cushioned the erratic and powerful runs, a god-send when using non-stretch braid. I soon had the fish under control and safely in the landing net. A fabulous way to christen a new rod!

So what do you get for your £49.99? This is a high-quality, well built, four-piece spinning rod that belies its low price tag. The carbon blank is slim in diameter, boasts over-sized zirconium oxide guides, packs plenty of back-bone but able to cushion un-expected powerful runs, and has a quality real seat and AAA quality cork handle. It is finished in a pleasing satin grey finish with high-build gloss black whipping. For a four-piece rod, there are no dead-spots along the blank at all. The Agility “spin” is also available in 7ft, 8ft, 10ft and 11ft versions to suit all angling disciplines.

another cracking specimen falls to the Agility Spin.

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