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Terry’s Travels

Chasing Whiting

Fantastic whiting fishing in Cork

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I managed a few shore trips, and am I glad I did! I don’t need to remind you that from the beginning of 2014, Ireland, along with the UK has taken an absolute battering from storm after storm, on several occasions we had three storms in one week! With gale force winds and record rainfall, there have been few venues fit to venture out on, both from an angling perspective and a health and safety issue!


Brian shows us how it’s done!

However, just before this epic winter hit our small island, I squeezed in several memorable trips south of the border. Andrew Wolsey joined me and we teamed up with local brothers Sid and Brian Kennedy. Brian kindly invited us to stay at his pad, which was a god-send as the temperatures had plummeted drastically during the week. Calm and bitter-cold, this is usually a good sign when targeting Whiting but not a comforting thought with the prospect of “bivvying”. I must be getting old!

Andy gets in on the Whiting action

With Sid and Brian’s guidance, our first port of call on arrival was fishing from a stone wall in the main street. I don’t think I have ever fished between parked cars and street lights before, so this was a new and interesting experience! Safely “banging” clipped-down Sand eel baits into the darkness, we were immediately into our target species; it is fair to say that my buddy Sid and his brother know these marks like the back of their hand!

There were many multiple hook-ups during this short session

Action was such that we had countless double-shots with all four of us hooking into fish at the same time. When specifically targeting Whiting from the shore, it is rare to find any particularly large specimens, but the occasional Dogfish gave us some variety. With every shore trip, I find myself loving the Abu Atlantic-Penn Mag combo more and more. It had been a while since my last shore angling adventure, but I soon settled in to confidently punching out the hook-bait without any concerns of over-runs, sweet kit.

We found plenty of pound-plus Whiting

We fished over the high-water mark and two hours down, before calling it quits. With around thirty-forty Whiting landed, many over the pound mark, and a dozen or so dogs, it was an extremely enjoyable introduction to winter shore angling on the Cork coast-line. I took half a dozen of the larger Whiting back to Brian’s pad where he had a roaring fire waiting for us. Battered fresh fillets and mugs of tea, it honestly doesn’t get any better than that! Thanks to my buddy Sid and many thanks to Brian for his hospitality. We had only been in Cork a couple of hours and already the trip was worthwhile. With Flounder and Painted Ray on the to-do list over the next couple of days, our expectations were high, but that’s for the next blog. Thanks for reading, Tight Lines, Terry.

Keep it simple. A clipped-down Pennell rig for easy distance and no tangling.

A few Dogs showed up for variety

Sid with a double-shot.

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