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Terry’s Travels Penn Affinity 7000 LC Series

The Penn Affinity reels are produced in two sizes, the 7000 model with line capacity of 295 yards of 30lb B/S and the larger 8000 version that has a capacity of 330 yards of 30lb B/S. I opted for the 7000 version back in January of this year, and once they arrived, couldn’t wait to put them through they’re paces.

One of many specimen Bream taken on the Affinity kit

My first opportunity to test the reels was during a Specimen Bream expedition (see previous archive blogs) and fishing at distance, into a head-wind, the “big-pit” design spec of the Affinity really came into its own. Since that memorable trip earlier this year, these reels have proved faultless on many specimen hunting adventures.

Affinity’s, waiting for a midnight run

Most recently, having just returned from a carp session, and after a year of regular use, the 7000’s still remain as good now as they did when I opened the boxes back in January. I cannot fault them.

We arrived lake-side in the evening hours and carefully picked out our chosen hot-spots. With three days planned, and the temperatures still quite high for this time of year, we could afford to put in reasonable amounts of feed, mainly in the form of a bed of trout pellets, with a few samples of boilies added for good measure.

my winning combination on this trip, I added tungsten putty to camouflage the swivel.

as shown

Without knowing how the venue was producing at the current moment, my plan was for absolute accuracy with the feed and casting, plus a relatively finesse set-up to begin with. This worked well with six fish banked on the first night session. Most ranged from 7-9 lbs, with one decent double to make the trip worthwhile.

a mid-double common on the first session

With the advantage of day-light the following day, a top-up of pellets and boilies was required, again with accuracy to keep the swim good and tight. This is necessary, not only from the feeding carp and break-down of pellets during the previous night, but also from the ravenous shoals of bait fish that do a great job in “mopping” up anything that’s lying about!

the main stamp of fish that showed

Night session two, and it was a repeat performance with plenty of runs and another five fish landed, this time the largest was another mid-double, a good looking little mirror. Although there were no huge fish showing, a busy session with the odd double thrown in can be extremely enjoyable, definitely a great deal better than a blank, that’s for sure.

a pretty little Mirror topped the bill on the second night session.

Night three and you guessed it, a carbon copy of the previous two nights. With another eight fish safely in the landing net, and a couple lost, the tally now reached seventeen fish over three nights, with three bonus specimens for good measure. I didn’t manage to find any magical Irish twenties on this occasion, but with good numbers showing, it was definitely an enjoyable short session.

bending into a low double on the last day.

Penn Affinity still performing faultlessly after a full years hammering!


another smaller common

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