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Terry’s Travels Shakespeare Agility 7’ Spin

Agility 7’ Spin, excellent budget spinning kit

I originally picked this 7’ rod from Shakespeare for light spinning in search of Sea-trout, but it is also perfect for casting lures in pursuit of river trout and in particular, specimen Perch. I had the opportunity to give it a go last weekend in the hope of christening it on a few “stripeys”, and balanced it with an Abu Cardinal and 8lb Berkley XTS.

At under 24 inches, it can be carried anywhere

This is a delightful little rod. It packs down to less than 24 inches and is as light as a feather. There is absolutely no excuse not to carry this rod in the kit-bag, or stowed away in the car, along with a small selection of lures and lead-heads for that opportune moment. Being a budget four-piece rod, you may expect it to show a “dead-spot” or two under pressure, but not so. Putting a good bend into the rod gives a clean arc and superb action.

Excellent parabolic curve with no dead-spots.

Casting is a delight, and after missing a couple of takes, I re-designed my lead-head and Berkley Split Tail by incorporating a small “stinger” treble hook towards the tail. This did the trick and soon had the Agility bent into a hard fighting Perch. The battle really is great fun, even with the smaller 8-16oz fish.

the Berkley Split Tails tempt my first fish

The Perch eventually tired of the split tails and a quick change to a white Pulse Shad had me back in the killing zone. Unfortunately, the specimens were keeping their distance on this occasion, possibly beginning to “wise-up” to my regular pestering throughout the year, but the smaller fish from1-2lbs were amazing sport on the Agility.

a switch to Pulse Shads keeps the fish coming.

the Owner “stinger” helps hook-ups

As this rod is so incredibly light, it can be held and used throughout the day, obviously useful when travelling light, constantly on the move in search of fish shoals. The Agility Spin proved its worth and provided excellent sport, I can’t wait to try it on a wild Strangford Lough Sea-Trout and really put it through its paces. Retailing at under £40, this excellent little travel rod is cheap as chips, with design and build quality of much more expensive kit, and comes well recommended.

Getting bigger, this fish close to two pounds

Agility 7’ Spin.

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