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the stunning Marcraft Commander

I have been fortunate to know Kevin Lyons for a number of years now, and his local knowledge and friendship has, in no small way, played a large part in my pike angling memories and exceptional catches. Last year he quietly mentioned that he may be purchasing a new boat to compliment the fleet of Irish Lough boats he already has available for hire and guiding purposes.

Side-on view, nice sponsorship!

Acting on an invite from Kev last week, Andy Wolsey and I took a spin down to see him, and lend a hand with the maiden voyage. Little did we realise, and soon found out on arrival that this wasn’t a new lough boat as I had expected, but a stunning new Marcraft Commander, delivered from Holland. This is one of only two in the country and I was green with envy to say the least. Fully equipped with sat-nav, sounders, rod-holders, bow-mounted electric engine and a 115 donkey to push her along, this was everything a predator hunter could ask for! What a fantastic looking vessel.

Wasting no time at all, we were at the slip-way, and the roller-coaster style trailer made launching a doddle. Once carefully out into the main lough, Kev gave her the “wellie” and the lift and power in the Marcraft was incredible.

Andy enjoying the maiden voyage.

I couldn’t get over how silky smooth and quiet this Marcraft package is, even at an estimated 40mph, amazing. This new kit will open new avenues of guiding for Kevin, being able to target areas and hot-spots further afield, and quickly and safely covering more ground in a session.

Andy leaning into a turn at high speed

There is plenty of deck-space, easily catering for three anglers wishing to fish lures or jerk-baiting etc, and the area at the bow is superb for anyone wishing to cast a fly (namely me!).

They put me on the bow pedestal, probably hoping I would fall in!

I would like to wish Kevin all the best with his new purchase, it is serious kit and I know he will do well with this new weapon in the guiding armoury. Kevin at Melview Lodge is the busiest angling guide in Ireland, and you have to ask yourself why!  He provides superb fresh-water opportunities for all coarse fish in the Longford area, along with trout and in particular, pike.

Kevin at the helm, loving every second of it!

If you are looking for an exceptional pike-angling holiday in Ireland, you would be foolish to pass him by. Melview Lodge also offers top-quality B&B, and any anglers booking his B&B have the choice of lough boats, free of charge. I hasten to add, you will not get a chance to pilot the Marcraft, that’s Kevs toy!

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