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Andy Wolsey finds his target species

Whilst chatting on the phone with Andrew Wolsey, discussing the usual, where to head out to wet a line, Andy happened to mention that it has been a long time since he had seen a Sea trout on the fly. I have a Sea trout hot-spot that has always been kind to me and suggested we give it a couple of hours.

Although tides were perfect, the wind speed had picked up to a fair pace, and casting and presenting a fly was not going to be easy. With this in mind, we each brought along a spare rod kitted out for trotting a sandeel down in the current.

Persevering with the fly, I tempted a “monster” Pollack on a Teal, Blue and Silver.

Half an hour with the fly rod soon showed this was going to be in-practical, and the back-up float rods were assembled. I persevered a little longer on the fly, managing to tempt a Pollack. I would like to meet that fish again in five years time under the same circumstances! As the wind strength increased, I admitted defeat and broke out the Sandeel gear.

Frozen Sandeel, head-hooked with a “stinger” in the tail.

A couple of casts later, a size-able Sea Trout smashed into my hook-bait, exploded onto the surface and shook the hook just as quick, hence the need for the added “stinger” treble hook. An opportunity missed, and my only shot at glory as it transpired.
Andy, on the other hand, took a hit and managed to hook-up with his fish. As with all the Sea Trout on this mark, it was in fighting-fit, pristine condition. A quick photo-shoot followed by gentle release.

Andy delighted with his prize.

We only spent a couple of evening hours on this mark, and it was re-assuring to see over a dozen fish show them-selves. Although we only managed one missed fish and one landed (not including my stunning Pollack!), it was an extremely enjoyable short session. Good to see my guiding skills are still up to scratch!

Holding the fish, head into the current before release.

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