Fishy Tales from the Emerald Isle –

Terry’s Travels Contingency plan…..

The JRC “Classics” waiting for action

This is just a quick blog to keep my hand in, as they say. I tried a new water this week in search of Tench, but having set up the STi bivvy, and committed the bucket of particles to the swim, the temperature dropped (not in the forecast!) and I knew straight away that my three day excursion would be dramatically cut short!

JRC Sti bivvy, home for the next few days.

Unfortunately I was right, and apart from a few decent Roach that attacked my popped-up corn hook-baits, there is little else to mention. There was one heart-stopping moment however. One screaming run saw me into a powerful fish, and I imagined for a moment that the Irish Tench Record was in jeopardy! I could do very little to control this fish, and although there was no mistake I was into a very good fish, the fight felt strange to say the least. Maybe it was a large eel perhaps?

No shortage of bait

Corn and hemp

Closer to the net, having battled through the maze of lily pads, the fish broke the surface and my heart sank. Somehow or other, I was playing a double-figure pike! Once landed, I discovered the cause. There was a crude snap-tackle affair stuck in the flank of the fish, and un-believably, my size 10 MBT hook had caught through the eye of the treble hook! The fish weighed in at fourteen-pounds. I relieved her of the annoying attachment and set her on her way. Can’t complain I guess as it was the only real action I had all day!

With my Tench “head” on, this lady almost gave me a heart-attack

the offending equipment

Knowing this was going to be a hiding to nothing, I cut my losses and packed up. With all the extra bait left over, I made a move to a Perch water instead. The cold doesn’t seem to affect this species quite as much. With plenty of chopped worm and maggots in the feed, I had a great day on the feeder, bagging over one hundred perch and a couple of Roach around the pound mark.

the Shakespeare “Agility” barbel rods, should be called “Agility” Perch rods.

that’s more like it, target species found, a two pound-plus perch

The Perch on the feeder ranged between four and twelve ounces, but the Agility dead-bait rod proved its worth yet again, finding a cracking brace of two-pounders. It just goes to show, if you have a contingency plan, when one angling avenue closes, with a little luck, another one opens! Tight Lines.

another lunker smiles poses for the shot before release

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