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the Shakespeare Agility

This is just a quick blog from the week-end. Took the two Shakespeare Agility Barbel rods out again, looking for a “lunker” perch to put a bend in one or both of them. I thought the weather had improved from the recent bout of snow and easterly winds. The snow has gone, thank goodness, but the biting easterlies remain persistent. The breeze would cut you in two, but thankfully, the brolly gave some amount of respite.

my trusty Abu Cardinals

This time, I teamed the rods with an old pair of Cardinals loaded with Berkley XTS 8lbs b/s nylon. I have had some cracking specimens on this line and am fully confident with it by this stage. It casts well, has great knot and impact strength, and very little memory. Nice colour too!

a nice, balanced set-up

It was too cold to go searching for shoals; I just wanted to laze under the brolly all day and wait for passers-by. Maybe this was a poor decision, as I only had one bite all day. The shoals are most likely static in these bitter conditions, I know I was!

safely in the landing net. As fat as butter and 41 cms long.

However, all was not lost. My one and only bite of the day resulted in a sizeable stripey, which immediately chased away those east-wind blues. Specimens don’t come along too often, but when they do, it makes the long drives and previous blanks all worthwhile. It’s great when a plan comes together!

hopefully the start of a great specimen year

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