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I’ve just returned from a fantastic and memorable trip over the border into
Southern Ireland. My angling buddies had given me the nod that the Rudd-bream hybrids were passing through and they had managed to hold the fish for a while with a hectic pre-baiting session.

This shoal had passed through on the same route this time last year, but unfortunately, they only hang around for a couple of days before moving on.  If I wanted to catch a few, it was now or never. With all former plans postponed, the jeep was loaded with tackle, bait and enough grub for a two day stint, and I hit the road for the arduous 240 mile journey!

My choice of tackle for this angling session is the superb Shakespeare combination of Superteam feeder rod and Medallist spinning reel, loaded with 6lb braid.



Hybrids are tough fighters, and to soften the battle a little, I prefer to use two feet of power gum just before the hook length. This effectively cushions and removes the raw power of the hybrids, allowing for fewer hook pulls. A John Roberts feeder boom facilitates the feeder can slide on the power gum, helping to prevent possible tangles.


With the river running a little on the fast side, a 40g feeder held just right in the current. A few balls of tightly mixed ground bait kick started the swim, laced with Gulp micro-blend seeds, hempseed, casters and sweet corn and it wasn’t too long before the hybrids homed in on the scent trail and particles!


To cut to the chase, from 7pm to midnight, it was a fish a cast and these small, stocky hybrids really know how to fight. By 2am, there was no sign of the shoal going off the feed, and with 90 fish in the keep-net, it was becoming a little crowded! All further fish were released as I caught them, apart from a couple of larger specimens for the camera. By 7am, the tally had reached 185 Rudd-bream, Rudd, Roach and one Bream for approximately 450lbs, and one extremely knackered angler!


Three superb hybrids


A six pound bream makes an appearance!


The specimen weight of 2.6 pounds had been surpassed, at least eighty times with the three heaviest fish pushing the scales to 6.2lbs, 5.9lbs and 5lbs on the button. This is my third largest bag-up session of wild fish in my angling career and one, I am certain, will leave yet another life-long memory. Definitely a “thumbs up” for the Shakespeare Superteam set up that performed admirably well under pressure, the gulp particles and most of all, those wild Irish hybrids!


To round off the trip, on the way home I stopped off at a local lake and tempted a specimen tench of 6lbs 6oz. If only all weekends could work out like this one!

To Ross and Sid, cheers lads for the invite, hope to do it again next year!


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