The conditions that greeted the sell out field for the 2012 Burton Angling Festival was never going to make fishing easy – a cold, very clear River Trent, coupled with bright sunshine and blustery winds, put a slight dampener on the weights of previous years, but it produced a cracking tight contest fit for a 3 day festival of this stature.

By the end of Day 1 Wayne Swinscoe had started the ballrolling – drawn on the Crown Meadow, Peg 7 at Shardlow, starting on the stickfloat, fished down the middle feeding casters and hemp, bleak were a nuisance so switched to tares began to get the roach feeding. At the end of the match, around 60 samples from 3 to 12oz had been put into the keepnet.16lb 12oz went on to the scales to win the day.Reg Whiston and Alistair Ogilvie both caught 14lb of roach to claim 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Wayne Swinscoe

On Day 2 the strong wind had dropped a little which was more than helpful, with the river very clear the roach seemed to be shoaling more tightly and this was borne out around Cavendish Bridge on the Shardlow length. Long time Trent Ace Terry Moroz plundered 23lb 11oz of red fins on waggler and bronze maggot from the first peg below the bridge. On the upstream side Paul Pettenor waggled his way to 20lb 4oz.These two were split by Mac Maginnis who had 2 Barbel on the pellet feeder for 22lb 6oz, the best fish weighing 11lb plus.
Day 3 was eagerly awaited, Alistair Ogilvie was leading the festival overall with two sections wins. Sam Merry was also having a good festival, and again he produced the goods on the Crown Meadow taking the day win with 13lb 12oz of roach. Colin Williams was right behind with 13lb6oz, Dennis Armstrong took third with 12lb 5oz from the Ferry Bridge length.

Dennis Armstrong

Overall winner of the festival was Peter Salt with 5section points, this is his second win of the festival in its 5 year history. Runner-up was Wayne Swinscoe with 6 points.

Overall Winner Pete Salt

Festival Winner Pete Salt (right) and Runner Up Wayne Swinscoe (left)

The Festival organisers would like to thank all the sponsors – Shakespeare, Coors, Drennan International, Bait-tech and Wovencrest for their generosity in giving fabulous prizes. Next year’s Festival will be from 17th – 19th September.

Top 5 each day
Day 1
Wayne Swinscoe – Maver Bait-tech 16lb 12oz
Reg Whiston – Ferry Bridge 14lb 8oz
Alistair Ogilvie – Maver Bait-tech 14lb 4oz
Mark Halksworth – Chesterfield 13lb 12oz
Sam Merry – Bait-tech 12lb 4oz
Day 2
Terry Moroz – Chesterfield Police 23lb 11oz
Mat Maginnis – DH Angling 22lb 6oz
Paul Pettenor – Dynamite Mayfair 20lb 4oz
Dave Shakespeare – Coors 10lb 1 oz
Wayne Swinscoe – Maver Bait-tech 10lb
Day 3
Sam Merry – Bait-tech 13lb 12oz
Colin Williams – Coors 13lb 6oz
Dennis Armstrong – Matchman Sup 12lb 5oz
Dave Jones – Matchman Supplies 10lb 4oz
Ian Winters – DH Angling 10lb 2oz

Left to right: Tony Vandome. Peter Salt, Wayne Swinscoe, Colin Williams

Top 6 on overall on points
Peter Salt – Dynamite Mayfair 5
Wayne Swinscoe – Maver Bait-tech 6
Colin Williams – Coors 8
Tony Marshall – Shakespeare 9
Reg Whiston – Ferry Bridge 10
Brian Rigby – DH Angling 10

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