Pike Fishing on the Wye

If you are going to fish the Wye, there is only one place to start and that is Woody’s tackle shop in Hereford. A quick visit to pick up a ticket for the Belmont stretch and a few tips and we were on our way.

We started in the Rugby Club section and were soon catching quality Dace and Roach, hoping that the Pike would follow in. This was soon proved correct when James had a Dace attacked on the way in and by replacing his stick float with a small Pike float and dead bait the first double rolled in the net.

Meanwhile I had started to pick up quality Roach, and even banked a 2lber, my first from a river. I continually caught Roach and Dace but strangely was not troubled by pike at all. A guy fishing in the peg opposite me caught my eye as he was getting absolutely terrorised, unable to get a Roach to the bank with out it being attacked. At one point he had two mid doubles fighting for the same bait. I helpfully suggested that I should pop round and catch them for him, and surprisingly he agreed. I was testing a prototype Pike rod and wanted to give it a real good work out, and this provided the perfect opportunity. I slid down the bank next to him and after exchanging greetings I lowered my Herring right near the end of his keep net and before the float could cock it was away. Knowing that the fish were in a feeding frenzy I struck immediately and was rewarded with a beautifully marked 15lber. Hurriedly I returned the fish and moved the bait to the other side of my new found friend Jamie and had to wait all of two minutes before the float slid towards the main flow and my second fish in ten minutes was hooked! This one turned the scales to 18lb and was fat and obviously full of big Roach that should have been destined for Jamie’s keep net!!

While I returned the 18 Jamie had yet another fish attacked proving there was at least one more feeding Pike present. I lowered the same bedraggled herring into the water next to his keep net and before the float had settled it was away again! This was now my third run in less than 15minutes and this fish immediately made its presence known and kept a lot deeper. After a short but powerful fight it finally succumbed to the net gratefully held by Jamie and it certainly looked big. Being long and lean it weighed 21lb, but would be a lot heavier at the right time of year!! This had been a good afternoon in many ways, I had fished with a good mate, met a total stranger who was a true gent and caught three fantastic fish! The main lesson was that there is no substitute for local knowledge, Woody had come up trumps again!

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