Trion and 40lbs+ Kings


Shakespeare Trion Outfit:

Try the Trion, that was the challenge! Having used the Shakespeare Oracle for four years, this new rod was totally different. For a start we now had a complete outfit, Trion Rod, Trion Reel and Trion Line, all matched to each other, what a combination!

‘Trying’ the outfit meant taking it to our base on Vancouver Island, Canada to test it on the Pacific salmon, Pinks, Coho, Sockeye and the big Kings. Having tried the rod on our home river, the Teviot, the combination worked very well, casting a good line. I had some concerns because the action was very different, more akin to some of the American rods which have a softer through action, which took some getting used to.

I took three rods out to

, a 13, 14 and 15 foot. I have to be honest, I took the bigger rods as I didn’t think the 13 footer would be powerful enough, how wrong I was! When I came home after fishing for a month the 14 and 15 footers were still in their plastic bags, I hadn’t needed them!

No, it wasn’t because I didn’t catch any fish, far from it! We had over 300 salmon with two fish weighing more than 40lbs each. Hows that for a 13 foot rod? It was a brilliant rod, its softer action meaning that the rod really really bent into a fish and equally there was always a bit left when you needed it. Fly fishing out there is very different to fishing in the

. Traditional ‘down and across’ techniques only result in fish getting foul-hooked. The method you need to employ is called Polish Nymphing, which entails casting a relatively short line, with a fast sinking tip, upstream, then allow a downstream belly in the line. This results in the fly swimming head-first towards the salmon and results in clean hooking of the fish. (It works well in the

too especially where there are slow flows.)

So, the through action of this rod makes it easier to flick the short line out.

The rods are well finished and the added security of the extra reel seat locking ring is especially helpful when playing big fish. The slim green blank looks elegant and belies its power. It is also a nice light rod, perfectly balanced with the Trion reel. All too often nowadays manufacturers pursue ‘lightweighting’ and ignore balance points of rod/reel combinations. If you are carrying your gear maybe three or four miles along a wilderness river bank, and fishing between times, then a well balanced combination is much less tiring to use.

Since returning last September I have continued to use the 13 Foot Trion on the Teviot with great confidence. I have also had some successful visits to the
Lower Tweed where the bigger 15 foot Trion was more at home. Pleased to report that while there were no 40lb King salmon there, the rod easily coped with some good autumn Atlantic salmon with no dramas or surprises!

Compared to the Oracle, the Trion range are very different. The actions are following the ‘modern’ trend for progressive through actions which, when matched to their own lines make casting an effortless pleasure. The quality of the fittings is up a league. The Oracle had functional, reliable fittings, the Trion has elegant, functional, reliable fittings.

The 13 foot Trion salmon fly rod is a little rod with a big heart!

Ian Davis

MD of BC Fishing Ltd

BC Fishing organises trips to

Vancouver Island,
British Columbia,
, every September. Prices start from £1,600 per person, including return flights, accommodation and freshwater licences. For more information check out their website at www.

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