The Finals

August 28th to August 30th


Shakespeare Championship (70 pegs)

This match saw the river dropping after a three feet rise two days earlier but it was still very coloured and most of the competitors felt it would be a match dominated by big fish.

It was no surprise then when Gary Miller took the title and the £6,000 top prize from downstream Peg 67 with 22-4-0 of bream.

Using an open-end feeder with groundbait, casters and chopped worms and a worm on the hook

  landed fish to 5lb and set a new weight record into the bargain.

Second place fell to Simon Willsmore, a regular framer at the venue, who improved on his third place last year by finishing runner up this time with 13-0-0 of chub with blockend feeder and maggots from Peg 36.

Third was Rob Wootton at fancied Peg 1 with 12-0-0 of bream and following him home was Steve Ashmore who took the first of his brace of festival double figure barbel with an 11lb fish from Peg 7. Completing the main frame with the best pole caught weight of the day was Pole Fishing editor Jon Arthur with 11-1-0 of mostly skimmers from Peg 64.



Gary Miller (Maver Bait Tech) 22-4-0 (Peg 67) £6,000

Simon Willsmore (Team
Milo) 13-0-0 (Peg 36) £2,000

Rob Wootton (Middy/ Dynamite Baits) 12-0-0 (Peg 1) £1,000

Steve Ashmore (WB Clarke) 11-6-0 (Peg 7) £800

Jon Arthur (Pole Fishing/ Shakespeare) 11-1-0 (Peg 64) £500   



£150 section winners

Mark Treasure 7-4-0 (Peg 6)

Tony Bench 6-14-0 (Peg 17)

Matt Godfrey 8-2-0 (Peg 22)

Sam Wildsmith 9-0-0 (Peg 40)

Darren Davies (Drennan) 5-3-8 (Peg 52)

Mark Pollard (Fox Match) 9-15-0 (Peg 63)

Ian Didcote (Garbolino) 9-5-8 (Peg 72)


Abu Garcia Wychavon Championship (70 pegs)

The river had dropped well for this match and many competitors felt that roach, which had been largely conspicuous by their absence on Day One might play a part. Big fish were also likely to feature with the colour in the river and no one was surprised when it was announced over the tannoy that Steve Ashmore at Peg 30 had caught the bigger brother of the 11lb barbel he had landed from Peg 7 just 24 hours previously! This one weighed 12-12-0 and boosted his catch to 16-15-0 for the match he had most wanted to win for several years. Steve had already won the Saturday final in 2000, when it was sponsored by John Smiths. He was also the individual winner of the team final in 1999 so it meant that he had now won finals on all three days of the festival, a feat only previously achieved by two other anglers, namely Dave Harrell and Colin Perry.

Second place, with a bag of bloodworm caught roach and skimmers weighing 13-5-0 from Peg 13 was the ever-consistent Sam Wildsmith ahead of Denis White with 12-8-0 of the same fish from Peg 10. Ian Didcote finished with 12-0-0 of skimmers and bleak from Peg 63 and Hadrian Whittle with 8-15-0 of roach on bloodworm from Peg 79.



Steve Ashmore (WB Clarke) 16-15-0 (Peg 30) £3,000

Sam Wildsmith (Maver Barnsley) 13-5-0 (Peg 13) £2,000

Denis White (Maver Barnsley) 12-8-0 (Peg 10) £1,000

Ian Didcote (Garbolino) 12-0-0 (Peg 63) £500

Hadrian Whittle (Kamasan Starlets) 8-15-0 (Peg 79) £250



£150 section winners

Brian Pollard 7-11-0 (Peg 11)

Keith Hobson 7-12-8 (Peg 12)

Danny Ashington 6-13-0 (Peg 22)

Mark Downes 7-2-0 (Peg 39)

Dave Harpin 6-13-0 (Peg 46)

Andrew Murphy 6-12-0 (Peg 60)

Richard Steele 5-8-8 (Peg 75)


Match Fishing Team Championship

14 teams of five (70 pegs)

The river had dropped still further for this match and was only around six inches on when the match got underway.

The Maver Bait Tech team comprising Wayne Swinscoe, Gary Miller, Chris Vandervleit, Dean Barlow and Chris Jenkinson made very few mistakes and finished seven points clear of its nearest challenger, finishing on 59 points.

Second place, with 52 points, went to Leicester based Quorn VDE, a five man team which included
Milan based Milo Columbo and
Surrey based Darren Davies. Third was Maver Barnsley with 50 points ahead of National champions Kamasan Starlets on 47 and Saints on 45.

Individually, Shakespeare’s Michael Buchwalder improved on his runner up spot last year by taking top position this time round with 14-7-0 of roach on bloodworm from downstream end peg 80. Dean Barlow made good use of the top upstream end peg and finished with 14-3-0, a catch which included a 4lb tench as well as some quality roach and third place went to Bob Bates of Mark One Sensas who included a big barbel in his 13-3-0 total.      



TEAMS                                                                                  POINTS

1st           Maver Bait Tech (£3,000)                                  59

2nd         Quorn VDE (£1,500)                                             52

3rd          Maver Barnsley (£1,000)                                    50

4th          Kamasan Starlets                                                 47

5th          Saints                                                                     45

6th          Shakespeare Mach 3                                           43

7th=        Daiwa Dorking                                                      42

7th=        Shakespeare Superteam                                      42

9th          Daiwa Gordon League                                         36

10th        Leicester Sensas                                                  31

11th        Sensas Mark One                                                 27

Preston Innovations Delcac                               21

13th        Drennan Oxford                                                    17

14th        Fox Match Trentmen                                           13




Top three

1st           Michael Buchwalder (Shakespeare) 14-7-0 (80) £750

2nd         Dean Barlow (Maver Bait Tech) 14-3-0 (1) £500

3rd          Bob Bates (Mark One Sensas) 13-3-0 (13) £250



£150 section prizes

A – Ricky Hines (Saints) 10-7-0 (14)

B – Chris Jenkinson (Maver Bait Tech) 7-9-0 (16)

C – Hadrian Whittle (Kamasan Starlets) 11-9-0 (39)

D – Sam Wildsmith (Maver Barnsley) 10-11-0 (49)

E – Darren Davies (Quorn) 11-9-0 (68)

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