Darren Massey's Match Diary

Darren Massey’s match diary


Sat 14th March 2009 – Fished the Mossella Black Country open on the Dudley No 2 canal at Netherton, Drawed peg 47 on a bridge hole, the peg had a bit of form won a match 2 years ago with 12lb of Roach probably the last time it was open fished so I fancied it for a few today as it’s been very mild all week. The peg was only 10 meters wide, with a natural bank. So I decided to fish 4 lines one at 6 meters which I fed 50ml of joker binded with a bit of joker binder (grey leam). And 3 lines at 10.00 o’clock, 12.00 o’clock & 2.00 o’clock about 2 meters off the far bank which was a nice depth of about 2½ feet. On each of these lines I put 200ml of joker with a bit of binder but also on the 10.00 o’clock line I added about 20 casters and 50ml of neat bloodworm. I am going to leave this line as long as I can hopefully some better fish will sit over it which I’ll catch later. I decided to set 4 rigs up 1 top 3 fitted with No 3-4 Superteam elastic and a 4×14 Superteam ST11 float and a size 24 hook, about 4 feet deep for the 6 meter line. 2 rigs on top 2’s fitted with 1-2 Superteam Elastic with Superteam ST11 floats 4×10 strung out bulk with 2 droppers and a 4×14 ollivette rig for bagging. Also I set up another top 2 fitted with 4-6 Superteam elastic with a 4×12 Superteam ST8 pole stick float with a size 16 hook for the better fish I hope to catch later. Its 10.00am so I start the match, fishing on the 6 meter line for about the first 30mins I had caught 12 or so Perch although this was not a good sign as on these type of canals you usually catch a few Roach hear if there’s many about. But the Perch weren’t a bad stamp all 1 – 3oz. so I topped up this line with a finger nail of joker and moved to my 12.00 o’clock & 2.00 o’clock lines on my lighter rig rotating these until 11.00am only produce about another 12 Perch and 1 Roach not what I expected, at this stage Now I wanted to take out what I put in at the start, was it to much? But that’s the gamble you take in match fishing. Now its 11.45am I had been rotating these 2 lines & the 6 meter line catching about 40 fish all Perch except for 1 Roach but I had got 3lb which was not to bad and I was beating the guys around me including John Fowler 2 pegs away an x team mate, but then Kevin Adderley next to him Foul hooked a 2lb+ Bream (Jammy sod). So I thought it’s time to have a go on my 10.00 o’clock line where some better fish may be, I put 2 and 3 bloodworms on my 16 hook I had an instant response taking another 15 or so 2 – 3 oz Perch in the next 30 mins so i put a caster on and had a 4oz Roach straight away then not another bite I had been flicking about 6 casters on this line every 15 mins. So I had another go for 30mins on my other lines catching a few more Perch but now some Roach were making an appearance now its 12.45am and time to have another look on my big fish line, I hook into a decent fish on 3 bloodworms it’s a 1lb skimmer great bonus, I catch 2 more around 8 – 12oz in the next 10mins. So I rest it and carry on catching Perch and Roach on my other lines always rotating them now thing are starting to come together I keep having a look on my big fish line and end up taking 7 skimmers between 8oz – 1lb + a bonus 14oz Roach. The final whistle goes at 3.00pm and I have 157 fish which weigh 12lb 2oz good enough for 2nd in the match beaten by my travelling partner Darren Lewis with 12lb 5oz on the end peg.   


Sun 15th March 2009 – Today it’s a team match my favourite type of match fishing, Its the Nuneaton winter league 3rd round on the Coventry Canal at Mancetter (11 teams of 4) we are in second place to Fox Tipton VDE its not the best of canals but if you do it right you can normally scrap together 1lb+ off most pegs, (I must of done it wrong). I done the team draw it don’t look good I was on A10 on the left of the overflow very bad area, B section Tony Barker was on the boards just past the boats not good, C section Mick Hatchard just past the bay on the Chub pegs good area the right man to have there and Paul Bick on D1 bridge hole not a good peg. Today I will feed a finger nail of joker against the tins either side of my net on this canal its important to do this for Perch, also 25ml of joker at 3 meters, I find 2 ½ feet of water at 10.00 o’clock & 2.00 o’clock hear I put 100ml of joker and 25ml of neat bloodworm with 15 casters on each line as they are some very big roach up to 2lb in hear that can turn up any time. Also it is important to put a Chub line against the bank somewhere I use a Superteam ST1 Carp float for this to a 14 hook and 0.15 line straight through to a 12-16 Superteam hollow core elastic. During the 5 hour match I catch 37 Perch & Gudgeon around my net and 3 meters I catch 2 small fish on my across lines so there’s not a lot to discuss I end up with 12oz 12dr 8th in my section out of eleven, not good Tony & Paul also end up 8th but Mick saves the day with 9lb being 3 Chub and a section win, We end up with 25 points 7th on the day but are still in second place 9 points behind Fox Tipton VDE with one match left.


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