Penn Affinity 7000 LTD

Penn Affinity 7000 LTD
What the manufacturer says.
Designed as big pit carp reels, all the Penn Affinity’s specifications include a long tapered, forged aluminium spool and slow oscillation movement for perfect line lay to achieve maximum distance with both mono and braided lines.
With strategically placed stainless steel ball-bearings these reels are smooth under load, but also feature a quick turn drag system, a titanium main shaft, manual bail arm and a rotor brake system. These incredible reels are also salt water resistant.
• Slow oscillation for perfect line lay
• Quick drag adjustment system
• Titanium main shaft
• Carbon matrix drag material
• Two foldable handles, (wooden and rubber knob)
• Oversized black anodized aluminium bail wire
• Including Liveliner function
My product test.
Having used the standard Penn Affinity Reels for the past three seasons, I have grown to love this reliable reel. The new LTD 7000 has incorporated a Liveliner system (bait-runner) and with this, I switched the old Affinity’s to the Pike rods and purchased these reels for the carp rods.

They feel sweet, and look fabulous on the JRC Classics, can’t wait to give them a try. Loaded with 300 yards of 14kg Berkley Nanofil braid, they are ready to roll.

My first opportunity came up last weekend, in search of Bream at distance. With the carpet of bait spodded out, the reels cast beautifully. Smooth on the retrieve and for the tarts out there, tasty looking on the pod. The drag system is excellent, and with front drag set, Liveliner on, the Liveliner drag is easily fine-tuned to suit conditions.
It took a while to find fish, and after a few small Bream appeared, I had the chance to play a larger fish just under specimen size. The drag is smooth, as is the reel under load, no faults at all, and a pleasure to use. Obviously with Bream, there wasn’t going to be any issues regarding losing the battle, but the reels performed faultlessly and I can’t wait until the next adventure on the hunt for Carp. A more powerful adversary but if my previous Affinity’s are anything to go by, these reels will perform superbly and cope easily.

Available from all good tackle shops

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