Sebile Lures are Sex on Hooks

A full range of Sebile plugs and lures are about to appear in UK shops as part of the Pure Fishing portfolio of brands.

Sebile need no introduction to the more experienced UK lure bass anglers as these guys have been importing them from overseas for some time, and to great effect with large numbers of big bass taken on these incredibly lifelike lures. Such has been the success of some of these lures that “in the know” pluggers have deliberately kept the best patterns quiet.

What anglers appreciate about Sebile lures is that the components used are top quality. If a component is not available that’s up to the job, Sebile will design their own.

This design impact is applied especially to the lure actions. I recently witnessed a demonstration by Sebile founder Patrick Sebile and watched him work and describe the lures he designs. It’s a simple yet complex process taking in to account exactly how a lure action needs to be to imitate a wounded or distressed fish, but also to maximise movement for minimum rod action, as well as get perfect balance for action for underwater lures, and for surface poppers. Balance in the lure is also crucial to maximise casting range.

I was using Sebile plugs long before the company became part of Pure Fishing. Some of the patterns I’ve done especially well with over recent times are as follows….

This has caught bass for me in both Wales and in Cork in Ireland. It is formed with a wide open cup mouth that when worked across the surface creates both noise and splash to draw predators in. It also pays to let the plug pause briefly for a few seconds, both when the plug first hits the surface, and again periodically on the retrieve. Bass will hit a suddenly stationary plug as they think an injured fish is dying or recouping energy, plus is an easy target.

This is a floating lure that can be made to fish just sub surface and occasionally break water to create commotion. At slow speeds the movement is a more controlled side to side wobble, but at higher speeds the movement becomes unpredictable and erratic, just as a wounded fish does when trying to swim or avoid predators. Again a great bass lure, but also good for dusk and dawn pollack in shallow water bays.

What a bass lure! This suspends in the water with a nose down posture, but on retrieve sweeps from side to side. Again let this lure “rest” periodically for steam train attacks. A great lure when targeting fish in gin clear shallow water as the entry of the lure is relatively light and quiet. Brilliant when sandeels are the bass’s main food interest.

This looks an odd shape, but is deliberately so to enable the angler to maximise the effectiveness of the “walk the dog” surface technique. This lure casts to long range, is perfectly balanced, and at slow and faster retrieve speeds has a side to side zig zag movement on the surface that creates an enticing wake. Watch for bass literally broaching half out of the water to pounce on this plastic! Fitted with an internal tungsten bead, this lure also emits a “knock” as the bead moves wall to wall that will draw bass and other predators in from long range.

These are just four of my favourite Sebile lures that I’ve already had great success with.

With bass staying later and later in to the year, there’s still chance to catch lure caught bass in 2011, in fact almost right up to Christmas, especially in the south of the UK,  the Channel Islands and southern Ireland. However, most bass anglers will already be looking at replenishing their plug stocks and looking to try out new patterns for the 2012 season. There are scores of lures in the whole Sebile range and all have a reputation for catching fish, plus they are designed for maximum action and maximum durability.

The Sebile range of plugs and lures will be available from selected tackle shops and are well worth checking out if you’re serious about catching big bass!

Also check out the Sebile Soft Weight System for use with soft plastic imitators such as grubs, worms and shads

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