Customise Your Own Penn International Reel

Devotees of the iconic Penn International reels can now custom build a reel to their own specific colour designs, plus have it uniquely engraved to create a reel specific only to you. This applies to anglers anywhere in the World!

You can choose any reel from the single-speed International SV series, the 2-speed Penn International VS range covering from 12lb class reels all the way through to 80lb class reels, or the incredible International 2-speed VSX reels that feature sizes from the compact but powerful12’s, up to the big gun 130lb class reels.

The next phase is to pick the colours, and you can be as creative as you like. There are six colours to choose from, the traditional International gold, but also International silver, Gunsmoke, Solid black, American red, American blue, and for the ladies Tournament pink. You can choose alternative colours for side-plates, reel frame, spool and drag knob. The choice is yours how you mix and match the colours. You may go for black side plates and frame and a red spool, or gold side-plates and frame with a black spool, or decide an all silver, or all red reel is for you. The ladies may prefer an all pink reel, or pink side-plates and reel frame, with a silver spool and drag adjuster. The options are multiple!

Once the colours are chosen, now you can decide on the engraving that makes the reel totally unique to you. You can have two lines of characters which are positioned at the top of the left-hand side-plate. The top primary text line carries up to 25 characters and is typically your name. The second sub line of 20 characters sits immediately below, and can be any phrase or meaning you care to add. This engraving can also be highlighted in black, gold or silver to make it really stand out against the primary colours of the side-plate. If you prefer not to use the character lines, that’s fine too!

In addition you can choose from a series of official Penn logo’s that can be engraved in to the centre of the side-plate. These vary from incredibly detailed line drawings of marlin, tuna, cobia, mako shark, sailfish, kingfish, dorado, snook, striped bass, yellowtail, wahoo and tarpon, allowing you to depict your favourite species on the reel you use to fish for them. Further options include the Penn specific logo, or the Stars and Stripes flag. All look stunning, and add so much to an already incredible reel!

Penn have set up an easy to use custom build website where you can visually play and arrange the different colours to create the reel, or reels, of your dreams. Even if you’re not quite ready yet to buy a new custom Penn International reel, its still fun to play with all the colour options and design your ideal reel ready for when you do make that step up and stand out in the crowd.

You can access the website at

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