Bass and Bream in Eastbourne

Here at Pure Fishing we’ve just started our autumn Trade
Show programme where we demonstrate all the new tackle to the UK retailers.
Those of you that read the sea angling magazines and read the more popular sea
angling forum boards will be aware that this year there are new type Penn 515
and 525 reels being introduced, also new boat multipliers in the Penn range,
the Fathom. Also new is a tournament style ABU 6500i TSR multiplier, plus the
much talked about ABU Revo Bass spinning rods and braid rods. Look out for
these in your local shops from now on, plus many other new products.

We’ve also started filming short videos which will be
uploaded on to YouTube covering some of the above new product, in fact the Revo
rods are already available for viewing on YouTube, so take a peak. Also look
out for a video I’ve just done with Denis Froud, a famous light tackle angler,
aboard his boat “Aristocat” based down in the southeast of England. These videos
will also be available on this website and I’m sure eventually in your tackle
shops too.

While making the Revo rods videos we had a few hours fishing
with Denis aboard his boat “Aristocrat” over a wreck some distance out in the
English Channel. To prove the versatility of the Revo bass rods we were fishing
the 7’4” version with a Revo Toro Inshore multiplier loaded with 20lb braid and
this accounted for pollack up to about 8lbs on artificial lures. I was fishing
the 8’ version with a Penn Sargus 4000 spinning reel and 20lb braid line targeting
bass using a lead head and the Berkley Ripple Shads from the new Berkley Bass Pro
pack. I’ve genuinely been catching a lot of bass using the lures supplied in
this pack recently and on the day accounted for bass to 4lbs, plus pollack to
7lbs. Try the heavier lead head with the Sparkle Pearl 9cm shad, its deadly!
This is best retrieved “sink and draw” retrieving a little line, let the lure
sink, then retrieve again. The bass go crazy for it!

I also targeted black bream as there were a few on the
wrecks even though it’s late in the year. My colleague Rob Wyatt was first in
with a cracking bream about 3.5lbs and I got two, one about 1.5lbs and another
about 2.5lbs. These were again caught on the 8’ Revo Bass rod using a single
boom rig with a long 7’ hook trace and letting a mackerel strip drift right
back in to wreck by using a light lead and bouncing the bait downtide.

The other lads caught some good pollack too with Pure
Fishing’s Trevor Gunning bagging one about 8lbs and Denis Froud picking up by
far the best of the day at a little over 15lbs. We also had conger to 35lbs on
baits fished right in amongst the wreckage.

I guess the black bream will be my last “summer” fish of the
year, for when the trade shows are done it’ll be mid November and I’ll be
thinking about getting down to the Bristol Channel for a few cod, and hiking on
to my local Anglesey rock ledges for the big winter conger. On these trips I’ll
be fishing the new Penn 525’s, but for my beach trips I’ll be using the
incredible new ABU 6500i TSR reel. This is a real maximum range reel and
already it’s become one of my very favourite reels of all time.

I will be fishing in between trade shows too, and I’m
looking forward to my first session after winter whiting and dabs that will be
hitting the beaches on my home coast here in west Wales right about now. I’m
optimistic of a good winter’s fishing as, so far, this year has been one of my
best ever.

In fact, the black bream on Denis’s boat proved to be my 50th
sea species caught in this calendar year. I’ve been trying to catch 50 sea species
within one calendar year, 1st January to 31st December,
for about the past 15-years and its proved a tough personal challenge, but one
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and learnt one heck of a lot from.

Now its done this coming autumn and winter and then next
year some of my targets will include a 50lb shore caught conger eel, a bass
over 12lbs, plus I’ll target species I haven’t already caught. Exceptionally
hard targets to hit these, but its good motivation and I enjoy the personal

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