Earlswood Open – Jan 19th 2014

I’ve not managed to get out on any River matches yet in 2014! All our winter leagues have been cancelled due to flooding.

Anyway I been enjoying a few sessions at Earlswood lakes near Birmingham catching some nice bream and roach on the feeder.

Yesterday I fished a small open on the Yachting lake at Earlswood and drew peg 55 on the dam wall.

I knew this had been a good area and was looking forward to finally fishing a match this year, also as I’d drawn near to some of my team mates I expected some serious banter!

As the weather was mild I decided to feed quite positively and started the match with a large cage feeder fished about 35m out. I was feeding a Groundbait mix of 1/3 brown crumb, 1/3 VDE Bream, 1/3 Old Ghost Krill and packing as much caster in the feeder as possible.

Normally I like to cast further in match conditions when bream fishing but have learnt from experience on the dam wall not to cast as far. I love my new 12ft Superteam feeder as its powerful enough to cast accurately but also has a lovely smooth progressive action, great for playing big bream on braid.

The tackle I used was:

12ft Superteeam Feeder

Superteam 40 FD Reel

4lb (0.10mm) Fireline

6lb Berkley XT shock leader

0.10 MACH XT hooklength

16/18 Kamasan B560 Hook

Team mate Spig on the next peg hooked a bream after about 20 mins and this signaled the start of the banter! I kept casting the big feeder but didn’t get any indications or bites for at least 2 hours.

By this time Spig had caught 4 bream / skimmers and I was starting to think I may have made a mistake as Spig was fishing a bit further out around 45m. I decided to add some finally chopped worm / caster as this is a great attractor for bream. Unlike many people however I don’t start feeding it immediately, preferring to get a lot of casters and micro pellets into the swim first. My thinking is I can get a good amount of bait into the swim and hold the bream when they arrive.

I started to get a few line bites and this gave me some hope that some fish where moving in. I’d started with a 3ft tail on my paternoster feeder rig and decided to lengthen it to 4ft to see if I could tempt a bite. It worked and I caught a nice bream about 4lb the very next cast – just goes to show how important it is to keep changing rigs and presentation.

From then on it was a case of working hard to tempt the next fish. A lot of the time Bream fishing really is a game of patience but I really love it. Alterations to hookbaits, feed in the feeder, distance cast, frequency of cast – all play a part. Also I think it’s important to try and distinguish between line bites and actual bites, if in doubt leave it and sit on your hands! By the end of the match I managed to catch 7 bream for 21lb a hard but rewarding result and good enough for 2nd overall

Spig also caught 7 fish but they were smaller and he weighed in 15lb. I reminded him about the tortoise and the hare and the fact he had gone very quite in the second half of the match (you only sing when your winning Spig)

Pete Mallard won the match with 28lb of nice bream also on the feeder from the end peg 57. It was obvious that the Dam wall was the best area on the day as the top 3 all came from that area.

However it was great to get out and catch some bream again from one of my favorite venues. Hope to fish some more matches at Earlswood this season, think we will try and run some bigger competitions.

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