Fly fishing in France – Domaine de Veirieres

I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip trout fishing in France.

I was fishing with some of my French friends for two days on a Reservoir near Trizac in the Massif Central region.

The mountain location of the reservoir at 1150m is stunning with spectacular views and we experienced some of the best quality trout fishing I’ve ever had.

We stopped in the onsite accommodation and enjoyed the local food and hospitality, all very civilized and relaxing!

The reservoir itself is a nice size at 12 hectares and has a depth of between 2-5m.

The water was beautifully clear and its abundance of natural food supported a great population of stocked Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Char.

The weather we experienced was bright and unseasonably hot – not perfect conditions for trout fishing anywhere.

However on the first day we had a nice breeze and lot of fish where rising freely to very small black flies. It took some working out but we all caught a variety of Rainbows and Browns up to 4lb.

The fish fought extremely hard especially on the fine leaders and small flies needed, it really was exciting fishing and awesome sport.

On the second day we were faced with similar hot bright conditions but no breeze.

Again we caught some great fish but needed to fish nymphs and lures as the fish had dropped into the deeper water.

I caught 14 fish including two Char and 3 great browns up to 3lb in weight.

I’d never caught Char before, what beautiful fish!

Best tactics for me where a floating line with a long 20ft leader and either weighted damsel or Montana nymphs retrieved very slowly.

Frans was my boat companion in the morning and he caught some great Rainbows and Char fish on a sinking line and white lure.

All the fish we caught where in great condition like this plump rainbow the biggest I caught over the two days.

I was using the new Agility EXP travel rods and was really impressed with the action and performance of these 7pc rods.

The rods I used were 10ft 7wt with nymphs, 9ft 6wt with dries and Frans commandeered my 9ft 6 8wt for his lure fishing.

It’s worth noting that by removing the fighting butts on the 9ft6 and 10ft rods I could fit all thee rods in one of the travel tubes supplied.

We are already planning our next trip to Domaine Veirieres in May next year!

Check out the Website for the fishing and accommodation:



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