Fishing for Heroes – Packington Fisheries – 1st June 2013

On Saturday I competed in a Fishing for Heroes competition at Packington Fisheries near Coventry.

The event was organized by fishery manager John Birchall and is part of a national competition to raise money and awareness for the Fishing for Heroes charity.

The day went really well and this event raised over £1500 for this fantastic charity that supports UK military veterans.

We fished the competition on the beautiful Cocks Close lake on the Packington estate.

This is the day ticket water and is a well established and prolific fly only trout lake.

Eight anglers including myself where sponsored to fish in a 5 hour competition.

The Competitors

The highest bag weight for the first 5 trout would decide the winner.

It’s the first time I’ve fished in a trout competition and was intrigued to see how it would work out.

The lake was ‘pegged out’ with 8 pegs and every angler would fish 35 mins in each peg.

The theme of the day was to have fun but you could also sense competition in the air! The winner of this event goes through to a national final held at Dever Springs in November – not to be sniffed at!

playing trout

I started on peg one, a favored area and wanted to make the most of it.

I caught 2 trout in this peg on a floating line with buzzers retrieving them slowly and letting the stiff wind move the line – a deadly method!:

deadly buzzers

deadly buzzers

I caught another nice fish from peg two on the same method and was feeling good! All I needed was another 2 fish to get my bag limit and post a respectable result.

nice fish from peg 2

From then on it went a bit pear shaped! Missed a few takes in peg 3 and changed tactics to an intermediate line with a lure. The weather was bright and wind had dropped in this corner of the lake.

I was struggling to catch and blanked in peg 3,4,5 and 6. I guess all the frantic casting and catching in each peg was spooking the fish and they had moved out of casting range.

I could however see fish being caught in pegs 7 and 8 at the top of the lake. I would have to make these last two pegs count!

I missed a couple of takes on peg 7 on the buzzers and decided to concentrate on the intermediate and lure tactics.

Almost on my last cast in this peg I hooked a good fish on a small white lure. I played it very gingerly and was relived to land the fish that was at least 4lb a great bonus.

my biggest fish from peg 7

So I moved onto peg 8 and caught my final fish very quickly on the white lure.

total catch

Four of the competitors had already reached their 5 fish total when I got back to the fishery lodge.

My good friend and fishery bailiff Adrian Joyce was the highest weight so far with 13lb 4oz.

I knew it was going to be close….so I had my fingers crossed when the fish went on the scales.

Amazingly I had the same weight!

John decided that as Adrian caught his bag before me he was the winner – a fair decision!

top three anglers

We all agreed this was a fantastic event and where very proud of the money we raised for this great charity.

Many thanks to all the people that generously sponsored us and good luck to Ade in the final!

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