My first Salmon of the year from the Wye!

Yesterday I managed to get out on the River Wye for my first Salmon fishing day of the season.

We fished near Fownhope downstream of Hereford and after the long winter I was really looking forward to getting out.

Also there had been some encouraging reports of some big spring salmon up to 30lb caught from both the Wye and Severn in the last few weeks.

It’s a dream of mine to hook such a big fish on the fly – maybe one day!

The river was dropping after a small flood in the week and the level was about 2.5ft when we arrived.

The color was good though with just a slight tinge and with this and the extra pace of flow in mind I decided to fish with an intermediate line with a fast sink tip.

Tackle used:

Rod – New Oracle EXP 14’9 Salmon Fly (6pc)

Reel – Pflueger President reel (10/11)

Line – New Oracle Scandi Salmon line (Intermediate 10/11, 40gms / 42ft Head)

Leader – 20lb Big Game Green (0.48mm)

Fly – Torrish Double Size 10

The rod I used was a new 6pc Oracle EXP (Expedition) 14’9. This new rod will be available in August and is part of a new series of Oracle rods we have developed.

New Oracle EXP 14’9 Salmon Fly (6pc)

The Oracle Salmon rods have been a huge success for Shakespeare over the years and have a great reputation on the market.

With top input from our consultants during design and testing plus improved blank technology, we are really proud and excited about the new rods.

The 14’9 Scandi version (4PC) was reviewed and recommended in the May issue of Trout and Salmon – a great accolade!

I have to confess as an average spey     caster I was a bit wary of trying this new rod out. I like to stick to one rod that I’m used to and for several years used the Oracle XT in its different lengths.

However I have to say I was really pleased  with my casting and managed to cast this  new rod in conjunction with the new Oracle  line very efficiently (for me anyway!).

I tried various different flies including some heavier tubes but settled with a slightly smaller fly one of my mates tied for  me.


It’s a Torrish variant tied on a double  and I like the combination of black and yellow this time of year.

my choice of fly....

We didn’t see any fish moving all day but that didn’t deter our spirits! There’s always a chance…..

After a fantastic lunch I tried the top pool again and as is often the case hooked a fish when I wasn’t really concentrating on what I was doing!

The take was very positive and the fish took the fly as it was swinging past the middle of the main stream in the pool. It’s this rapid transition from what I think is peaceful meditation when casting and fishing through a pool to the shear thrill of the take and then mayhem of hooking a salmon on the fly that is so addictive.

the fish fought hard in the flow.....

The fish fought hard in the flow for about 10 mins and I was so relived to land the fish.

we estimated it about 7-8lb......

We estimated it about 7-8lb and it was a very fit and healthy with it silver flanks gleaming in the sun – awesome

The fish swam of very strongly and I was thrilled to catch on my first outing of the year, that will keep me going through the blank days in the rest of the season……that’s salmon fishing!

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