Small Brook Fishing for Wild Brownies

In a rare break in the weather and high water levels I managed to get out for a few hours on a local brook near Henley in Arden.

I love fishing small brooks like this and even though the wild brownies are small they are great fun to catch on light fly tackle.

I got to the river at about 7pm and was please to see a few mayflies on the water when I started fishing in the first pool.


My tactics on such a small brook is to work carefully upstream targeting likely looking spots and with luck any rising trout in each pool. I find this kind of fishing so exciting but also challenging!

Indeed it took me until the 3rd small pool I fished and after 30 mins of fishing to catch my first fish on a size 14 dry olive pattern. I’d missed a few rises on a mayfly pattern and the lost it up a tree!

In the next couple of hours up until dark I was totally engrossed in the fishing and managed to catch over 15 small trout with the biggest about 12oz.

biggest fish of the day

I only fished with dry flies and to be honest it didn’t really seem to matter what pattern I was using. The trout where feeding on the mayflies but where happy to take anything I managed to present correctly.

Tackle used:

Rod = Agility Rise 7ft 4WT (Prototype)
Reel = Pflueger Trion
Line = 4ft Agility Rise DT (Prototype)
Leeder = 0.16mm Berkely XWR

The rod I was using was a new Shakespeare Agility Rise that I’m field testing. It was 7ft 4wt and perfect for sneaking up on these tricky characters! I love the traditional look and action. These rods will be available in September and are part of a comprehensive range of fly rods from 6ft up to 11ft. rod

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