My first day out trout fishing this season at Eyebrook Reservoir

Last week  I fished with some of my mates at Eybrook Reservoir in Caldecott Leicestershire.

The reservoir had only been open for a week or so and we heard some good reports about the quality of the fishing. I’ve always enjoyed fishing at Eybrook in the past and found it to be a prolific fishery from both the bank and boat. Myself
and Steve decided to start from the bank with another couple of friends Stu and Ben.

Stu, Ben and Steve

They had made the long journey from Northumberland to join us for the day and are big fans of Eybrook. We headed for the Willows section on the far bank of the reservoir, one of our favourite areas. However after a short while we realised two key issues:

The level of the reservoir was very low and the area we where fishing therefore shallow. Although the air temperature was un-seasonably high, wadding in the water soon confirmed that the water temp was not! So a shift of attack was quickly formulated. After speaking to another couple of mates already fishing and catching from a boat, Stu and Ben decided to take a boat and search for some deeper water. Steve and I headed to the Dam wall again in the search of deeper water. Steve caught a nice fish on a floating line and buzzers retrieving the flies very slowly. It was hard going from the bank on this occasion and although I managed a fish on a lure / sinking line and Steve caught another fish on his deadly buzzer tactics we decided to follow the others and hire a boat. This proved to be a very wise decision! We found our mates down towards the Norris Dyke area in the North end and started catching hard fighting rainbows very regularly.

Steve playing hard fighting rainbow

Steve and I where using 7 weight floating line tactics with a long leader (20ft) and a team of three flies. We swapped between buzzers of different sizes and colours, Hare’s ear nymphs and skinny Diawl bach patterns and all caught very well.In fact we soon caught our 8 fish limit and then started to catch and release fish using barbless hooks as per the fishery rules. The fish averaged just over 2lb with the biggest just over 4lb, all in fantastic condition

Steve with the biggest trout of the day

We then decided to start experimenting with different flies and even try some patterns we  had never caught on before. I’m sure everyone has flies in there collection that never sees the light of day! I tried a fly made by one of our old friends Jerry. He had great faith in this fly and he tied it incorporating a red elastic band, a bit bizarre to say the least!

Jerry must have been looking down on me as I caught two fish in almost successive casts! Steve tried one and also took a fish quickly I think we’ll try them a bit more in the future……

Proof the elastic band fly works!

I also decided to try an ‘old school’ white baby doll. I recon it must have been in my fly box for over 20 years and caught a fish on that as well.

James with a typical Eyebrook rainbow

After fishing and catching for over 5 hours on the boats and with some great banter between us, we decided to call it a day. Eyebrook had come up trumps again!

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