Now that is what you call a BIG river carp! – River Wye Hereford

Hereford Winter League – 1st Round (2nd Oct 2011)

Here is a quick blog from the Hereford Winter League that started yesterday. With the heat wave conditions we’ve just had it’s rather ironic to call this round a Winter League!

The river was low and clear and the conditions were hot (28 degrees) with bright blue sky.

I drew in A section (for a change!) on peg 16. Normally this would be one of the worst pegs in the section.


         travelling light Andy Burt fully loaded at 28 degrees C – Winter League?


However I’d heard that small fish where being caught in the area recently and I was therefore fairly happy with the peg.


I started the match on the feeder, in the hope of a bonus Chub or Barbel. Also it would give me an indication if any of the venues large dace shoals where in the area. Unfortunately I never had a bite for over 40 mins so I decided to have a look on the float.


I could catch small bleak and the odd small dace but was going know where fast. My only hope was to get these small fish feeding on the whip line and I was already resigned to a day silver surfing for team points!  


I did manage to catch the small bleak and dace on my 5m whip but only sporadically and alternated between a 2AAA waggler and the whip line to keep in touch with the fish. It was hard work in the heat and frustrating that the fish would not settle on my close in line. However on reflection given the conditions I guess I was lucky to keep catching at all!


At the end of the 5 hours I’d amassed 301 fish for a weight of 14lb 7oz, amazingly this was good enough for 3rd in the section and I celebrated with a dip and cool off by swimming upstream to peg 10!


            301 fish for a weight of 14lb 07oz


What was more amazing was what happened just after the end of the match. I heard a scream from Danny Baker who was fishing somewhere above me. I shouted back and he responded with ‘BRING YOUR F’ING NET’. I thought he must have fallen in and needed help retrieving his gear…..


So I ran up to his peg to find him standing in the water trying to fit a huge carp into his keepnet! Turns out he had hooked the carp 20 mins before the end of the match and finally landed it 10 mins after the whistle. I could clearly see it was a huge fish and was chuffed for Danny, landing that fish on feeder gear and in a normal match net was one hell of an achievement. Only when we weighed the carp did we realise the true magnitude of this achievement, it weighed 35lb 2oz and was a proper beast!



River Wye carp at 35lbs 02oz – Is this the biggest fish ever caught in a UK match?


This one fish alone won the match for Danny and must be the biggest river carp landed in a UK match, may be the biggest ever in match conditions?

Now that really is a bonus fish!!!!

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